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EM Radio- Radio stanica

Lokacija: Knjaževac

Država: Srbija

Frekvencija: 94.5

Web: EM Radio

O EM Radio znamo ovo:


 “EM” Radio is started operating on 07.02.1993. as the first private radio station in the Municipality KnjaĹľevac, a part of the “Elektrometal-elektronik”. And then as now it’s program is music, information, economy, culture, health, education and sports, and often “EM” Radio is media sponsor of various humanitarian activities and cultural events in KnjaĹľevac.


At early begining “EM” Radio was started by an old equipment and several private records and cassettes. Today it is a completely computerized, with ownership of their own antenna pole, with coverage of the territory of KnjaĹľevac, and beyond. Broadcasting program is on frequency 100 MHz.


“EM”Radio is a member of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia – NUNS, the Association of Independent Electronic Media – ANEM and others.


The work of “EM” Radio is also reflected in the installation Wireless network “WIERLESS KNJAĹ˝EVAC” that allows computer users communicate with other networks by offering data access, various services and unlimited Internet access.

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